Shwetabh Varma

Shwetabh Varma, was born into a defense family owing to which his childhood has been a constant travelogue. This has helped him see and meet “People”; which he believes are his source of creativity for the myriad jumble that they make up in this world. Always having a keen bent of mind towards design and films, he realized and honed his skills at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.

Shwetabh’s marque as a filmmaker is reflected in his reel that lays strong emphasis on the art of storytelling across all genres and product segments. Storytelling that comes to life with sublime imagery and an eye for detail that manifests in that lyrical moment when a bowl of milk erupts into an enigmatic swirl at 5000 FPS or the gentle flares that caress a woman’s skin which instantly speaks of timeless beauty. It is this belief of his in ‘the details’ that has enabled him to supervise with utmost ease and confidence films across all genres including the tricky ones that involve a lot of VFX.

McCain Shopping

McCain Party

McCain Brunch

Kelloggs Jam Kismis

Kelloggs Hotmilk

Kelloggs Packshot

Kelloggs Both Together

Big Bazaar Wednesday

Big Bazaar Girl

Big Bazaar Dad

Big Bazaar Aunty

Big Bazaar Wife


Clean & Dry



Eveready Bong

Eveready Ultima Toy Shop

Eveready Blind Man

Parachute Advansed Body Lotion


Act II Popcorn

LG Phone